With a full range of event planning service from EventsEQ, you’ll be describing your next event as a “triumph”. We know the DNA for the perfect event, whether corporate events or private functions. Our formula for events planning is a mixture of exceptional creativity, personal interaction, and exacting attention to the details that get people involved and keep them engaged. And we apply our philosophy for success to all your corporate events, including briefing, events planning, design, marketing, and production and after events services. Say goodbye to guesswork too. We provide analytical insights into your corporate events through exceptional project management, communications, follow –ups and continuous feedback aimed at the highest return on your event planning investment. No project is too big or small.

Choose from the following services or brief us for a unique experience:

• Events Management and Concept Event Design

• Technical Production

• Strategic Events Marketing

• Corporate Hospitality

• Events Production

• Promotions

• Team Building

• Conferences

• Golf Days

• Road Shows

• Corporate Events

• Press Events

• Corporate Entertainment

• Event Coordination

• Product Launches

• Hospitality Management

EVENT DESIGN: as an event management company we ensure all our events are tactically designed through our holding company EventsEQ. During the creative visual design process, we combine both market research and consumer insight methods of research to design the outcomes when designing the strategy for your events, brand activation, roadshow, exhibition, and conference or events campaign.

Our own success can only be measured against the results of our clients, which are why we ensure that every event delivers your business goals and exceeds your expectation on return or investment.

• Big Idea Development

• Creative Visual Design Execution

• Visual Production

• Web Campaign Development

• Email invites with online RSVP registration

EVENT MANAGEMENT: EventsEQ ensures that whatever we do, be it an event, brand activation, road show, exhibition, conference or simply an interaction with our promotional staff, that we as an event management facilitate a memorable face to face interaction between a brand and its consumers. With our event managements company’s expertise at your disposal, you’ll have everything you need for a wide range of event types, large and small, corporate and private. We’re an event management company that has worked with many types of clients on various functions with great success. You could be next.

• Event Management & Concepts-Corporate Hospitality

• Promotions

• Team Building

• Conferences.

EVENT PRODUCTION: From Sales Conferences and Award Ceremonies to product launches and gala receptions, EventsEQ will provide the desired ambiance while effectively conveying your company’s message through our event production team. Walk out confidently with ample lighting, great sound and all the technical bells and whistles in place and working as expected. Our event production company makes sure that not only is your presentation everything you dreamed of, but that you’ll experience the best logistics possible.

Our event Company Provide:

• Event Design & Technical Production- lighting and AV production

• Set Building, Styling & Staging


First impressions matter. Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporate, we have the expertise and experience to blend your venue and events décor needs. Meeting your exact requirements while creating an incomparable first impression for your guests. Staying on top of global trends is an important part of what we do, which is why we have an extensive portfolio of interior designers, décor suppliers and prop warehouse on hand to ensure that no event looks the same. Whatever your vision, whether you’re a small business looking to attract new customers with a trendy experience or a multinational corporate hosting an end- of -year bash to thank your loyal clients, we have exactly the blend of details to meet your needs.


We are your one stop shop from sourcing great spaces, to designing eye catching invitations. EventsEQ seamlessly integrates all aspects of experience design and production. Ideas are exciting, but they are nothing without execution. We design every layer of your experience in great depth, down to every last detail. We blend all aspects of your carefully-crafted experience in line with your vision and concept to ultimately design moments that matter. We have spent years designing experiences and as such has an ecosystem of reliable stakeholders on hand to ensure all of our events run smoothly with lasting impacts. Our management teams are ready to support you whenever you need us.


Creative juices put to work simply put, we will help you bring your vision to life. We at EventsEQ believe that it takes character to stand out from the crowd. With that in mind, we go all out to curate the prefect event. Not only to meet your immediate needs, but going above and beyond making has a lasting impact for all who experience it. Because first impressions matter to you and to us, we blend seamless coordination, organization and concrete action to make your event effervescent. At EventsEQ when planning any event or activation, we find that our best creative work happens when we are having fun. We collaborate with you to unpack your vision in detail before putting our combined creative juices to work to develop a concept in line with your objectives-EventsEQed with a twist of innovation. Every experience is outcome oriented and executed seamlessly by us. This creative concept informs how we design the experience and directs every detail from décor and theme, to activations and cuisine and everything else in between.


Whether it’s launching a product, hosting a brand activation or throwing an end-of-year sokkie, we at EventsEQ use our collective expertise and unique skills set to design unforgettable experiences. In today’s world of mass broadcasting and hard-sell advertising, people are craving something real. With the rise of experiential marketing, it’s never been more important for brands and businesses to create something extra-ordinary. We aim to disrupt the mold of the average brand event. EventsEQing traditional concepts to take them to the next level utilizing the expertise of our reliable suppliers blended with our own, we co-design memorable moments that matter.

Whether you’re launching a product, hosting a brand activation or throwing an end-of-year jowl, we blend our shared knowledge to design an experience that stands out.


From far and wide we ensure a seamless experience for your guests, taking the admin off your hands and taking care of their needs from flights and transport to accommodations and agendas. We aim to create a solution to drive organic conversation around your brand. Over the years we have ensured and delivered into a full – spectrum events solution agency, able to facilitate every aspect of your event. The EventsEQ team is on hand to arrange flights and accommodation, put together guest agendas and suggest travel recommendations for all your guests whether local or international. When designing your experience, every step in your guest journey counts towards the memory of the occasion.


Designing taste experiences. Our extensive portfolio of chefs, caterers and mycologists are ready and available to exceed your expectations and delight your taste buds. What differentiates an event from an experience? The attention to every last little detail-the thread that waves everything together. We blend taste experiences that are not only tailored to your vision but designed to surpass your expectations. Bespoke menus, specialty cocktails, on-trend bars and beverage pairings and sommelier-crafted wine tours are just some of the sensory experiences that we can offer you. We believe that conceptually- driven catering can transform an average event into a series of memorable moments.

CORPORATE EVENTS (Conferences and Events)

Give your audience something to talk about with conference and events that engages them. Our conference and events help your attendees become involved, remain attentive and freely participate so you can easily communicate your brands value. We engineer corporate events to connect with professionals, business people, the general public or a specific audience. Our events planning skills create the right conditions for total involvement in corporate events, whether to educate, nurture discussing or get the information you need to better understand your market. We’ll supply your conference and events with professional staff and maximization. And if you want something that makes your corporate events stand out, we can arrange passionate speakers’, influential celebrities, or crowd- pleasing entertainment. Choose EventsEQ for exceptional conference and events planning.





Brand Conceptualization

In today’s highly competitive market place, Concept and Strategy define the success of any brand.
Great concept adds to brand Ethos-adding value, creating engagement and provoking an emotional response.

We know that emotions govern the behaviors of the way people interact and react with brands and that consumers respond more positively to brands who know how to connect with them, in ways that matter. We understand that each brand has a unique story to tell, and our job is to ensure that those stories create sustained impact and value. By using the right vehicle to deliver the right message to the right audiences, we tell this story, creatively time and time again.

Through a consultative yet hands-on approach, we work on birthing effective concepts aimed towards enhancing awareness and elevating brand equity with a competitive edge. Our experience in the field allows us to be dynamic in our approach and more importantly, ensures that we are catering to the individual needs of our clients.

We have all the resources required to inspire ideas, perfect solutions and execute our brand concepts impeccably.

Event Management

An event is a reflection of your brand and an excellent opportunity to make a lasting impact on your audience.

Our innovative approach engages clients and their audiences, no matter what their requirements are, working as an extension of your marketing and communications teams. Our collaborative approach delivers your project vision, from concept to execution. We are hands-on from start to finish, ensuring a smooth end result. All aspects relating to the planning and execution of your event is managed with precision, punctuality and creative savvy ensuring that each detail is polished and professional creating the magic that defines a world class event. With our professional expertise, creative ingenuity and friendly approach, we will create not only a spectacular event but also a memorable experience.

Services Include:

  • Event Conceptualisation
  • Communications Management
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Sound and Light Design
  • Hiring
  • Decor and Styling
  • Catering
  • Content Production
  • Marketing Collateral Management
  • RSVP Management
  • Logistics / Transportation

We offer:

  • Brand Building in Developing Markets
  • Brand Practice and Entrepreneurship
  • Word of Mouth in Brand Building
  • A-Z of Brand Building
  • Understanding the Marketing Generations
  • Branding
  • Event Management
  • Effective briefing for Results


EventsEQ is a BEE Events Company that’s fully invested in the empowerment of a society brimming with multicultural magic .It’s the diversity of our team that makes our campaigns and events both exciting and relevant. So we’re proud to hold a level 4 Black Economic Empowerment Status and our perfect blend of professionals. That means you can confidently engage our events company to the benefit of your own BEE Standing.

Lets get together and create a function that lasts-even after the venue has cleared. You shouldn’t settle for an events company that offers anything less. Contact us today.